LCSRA General Meeting Minutes – October 12, 2016
NMSU Gerald Thomas Hall Rm. 200

1. Meeting called to order @ 7:01 p.m. by President Thad Taylor

2. Approval of September 2016 minutes:
- Minutes taken but no motion was given

3. Treasurer Report (Tina Burgland): No Report

4. HNSL Report (Thad Taylor): No Report

5. MVSL Report (Bill Lindemann):
- New Vice President of MVSL wants to crack down on referee abuse and the tardiness of referees
- All referees NEED to be on time for games; 30 minutes before scheduled start time
- After grace period is over, do not do anything with the match, only walk away
- All referees must be consistent w/ enforcing the league rules; pass cards, rosters, identical jerseys
- No checks distributed; MVSL treasurer/designee were not present

6. State District Referee Admin. Remarks (Tom Duttle):
- Rumor of registering online is false; must be present in person to take written test

7. Assessors Remarks (Dominique Gbogbo): No Report

8. Youth Referee Representative (Zane Chafee): No Report/Not Present

9. High School (Tim Pitts): Meeting after general meeting; Next meeting Oct. 24th

10. Training (Tom Duttle):
- New offside application
> Placement of ball is at the location of infraction
> AR’s must wait until the ball is touched by a player in the offside position, or to avoid a collision between a goalkeeper and the player in the offside position
- Foul with continuation of play off the field
> Foul committed in a continuation of play that is committed off the field is restarted with a DFK; located on the touch line parallel to the infraction

11. Meeting Adjourned @ 8:10 P.M.

Minutes taken by Secretary: Xavier Chavez