Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association Board Meeting

September 11, 2002



Room Las Cruces High School, B Wing, Room 12.

Present were Robert Gage, Kevin Riedel, Bill Lindemann, Gary Manley, and Rick Hendricks. Andy Bristol and Jose Diosdado were in Gadsden doing a game; Nigel Holman was  in Albuquerque.



President Robert Gage called the meeting to order at 1810 hours.


Gage indicated that he had collected a check last night from High Noon and led a general discussion about The Whole Enchilada Tournament (TWET), which is set for 12-13 October, covering the following discussion points for conversation with Dan Lilley:


1) The Whole Enchilada Tournament will require three field coordinators if High Noon and PVD are used, four if High Noon, PVD, and Burn are used. That is, two field coordinators at High Noon, one at PVD, and one (if needed) at Burn.


2) These field coordinators will be responsible for posting the referee schedule, seeing that scheduled games are covered, and paying referees.


3) The rate of pay will be $8.00 per hour beginning one half hour before the first game and continuing until one half hour after final game of the day concludes.


4) The game report, which LCSRA will provide, will have tear-off sheets for ARs.

a) Players’ names will not be recorded except for cards. Score, time, and players’ numbers will be recorded.


5) The schedule must be provided seven days in advance. The referee scheduler will document each change after the schedule. Each change will be made at the rate of $5.00 per day per change.



6) Lunch is to be provided by High Noon.



Gary Manley will make up a template for the game report that will have match number and team names. Players' numbers will be recorded along with time scored.


Water fountains to be installed at High Noon by the time of TWET at cost of $10,000. We have offered our building, but High Noon does not think it meets needs.


Bill Lindemann discussed a memo he had received regarding complaints about G8s and below filling holes in U6-U8. Andy responded that in future no G8s and above would be needed.


Rich Richins is not going to schedule for High Noon next year but is willing to continue to help LCSRA. Someone should learn how to do what he is doing. System as is is very complex but could be simplified. Lindemann will talk with Richins.


Lindemann will hold a G11 clinic at NMSU in one week (9/18/02) to discuss problems on the field. A G9 clinic will probably be held in January 2003.




Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting September 11, 2002



Room Las Cruces High School, B Wing, Room 12



President Robert Gage called the meeting to order at 1905 hours.


Gage welcomed the new G11s, a number of whom were in attendance.


A motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting (August 14, 2002) was made by Pat Switzer and seconded by Trey O'Donnell. The motion passed on a voice vote. Gage read the report prepared by Treasurer José Diosdado. A check from High Noon Soccer League for games to date was for $1,479.50. There is a further balance of $400 and CD is drawing interest.


Gage explained to G11s how game reports and pay are generated. Payment is once a month at meeting or by arrangement. Checks can be picked up with note from referee or  mailed if a stamped, self-addressed envelope is provided to Treasurer Diosdado.



Director of Development

 Bill Lindemann led the training session. He gave statistics on referees in New Mexico:

2 G3s, 12 G5s, 17 G6s, 44 G7s, 477 G8s, 34 G9s, 8 G10s, and 72 G11s = 677


Lindemann took questions from G11s.

1)      Proper hand signals reviewed.

2)      Urged use of verbal cues as well as hand signals.

3)      All kicks are indirect according to USSF.

a.       A High Noon rules committee will adjust local U6-U8 rules to make them conform to national youth soccer organizations.


Lindemann discussed new memos from USSF.

1)      Sleeves required by FIFA but USSF has protested.

a.       Note on game report.

2) Celebrations cannot show ads.

3) Law 5 concerning the referee and his duties. When can injured player return?

a) Only after a restart; he cannot step on and off.

b) If removed for injury, permission of ref is still required.

c) If player requested permission to leave temporarily for injury, permission is required but no stoppage is required.


4)      Sanction for celebration of goal has been relaxed.

a.       Time wasting or taunting obscene behavior deserves yellow. This is defined as behavior that excites, provokes, or takes too much time.

5) Simulation (diving) should be dealt with.

6) Delaying restarts also needs to be dealt with.

7) Faking fouls or seriousness of fouls.

8) Referees should also avoid delay.


Recertification test is at next meeting. We will exchange papers and grade them; this counts as training. Bring $25 recertification fee. New refs should come for training but are not required to take the text.


Lindemann also presented game situations from a previous year's recertification test as a training session.  He made the following observations:

1) Under FIFA you cannot card coaches, but High Noon local rules allow it. Ball is out of play when completely over line or when referee stops play.

            2) Substitutes enter from midfield; coach must ask to substitute.

a) Talk with coaches.

b) When herd comes stop and remind coach.

3) A wag of the flag by an AR and a run to corner means penalty kick.

4) Avoid the problems caused by late arrivals.

a) Be at the field 30 minutes before game time.

b) If you are going to be late, let your fellow referees know.

5) Use unofficial over and back signal to indicate that a player has moved from an offside position to play a ball.

            6) The physical for those who require it will be in late October.



Director of Referee Assessment

Gary Manley stated  that El Paso league adult games were available for those interested.  Ken May is contact. Be advised that a New Mexico-based assessor may not be able to work these games in El Paso.


All referees must recertify by 30 November or there is a $10 dollar penalty.



Mesilla Valley Soccer League Liaison

Gina Martinez  said that the adult league needs more referees. There will be 5v5 co-ed soccer on Tuesdays (women) and Fridays (men).  Interested parties should contact Martin Carrillo.


First Vice-President (Scheduler)

Kevin Riedel stated that the first week was a disaster, but the following week was fine. TWET is going to be short of referees.


Gage indicated that TWET will have Friday games and all hands need by on deck way, way  beyond comfort level.


The next LCSRA meeting is on 9 October at Las Cruces High School, B Wing, Room 12.



Old Business

Referees interested in assessments should contact Riedel, Nigel Holman, or Gage. All that can be provided locally are D and Gs.


Pay Diosdado if you owe for a new shirt; not all are in. Blue shirt is not preferred but can be used.


Gage reported on the High Noon board mtg. Preference will be given to G11s in assigning U6-U8 games; there are more than needed. Fines will be waved for U6-U8 for first weekend. Missing assigned game is a $10 fine.


Rich Richins reported that the game report database works as of today. Report any feedback if it does not work. Please double check electronic reports before submitting them, especially with teams that have I, II, IIIs.


Check your information on the website for correctness; report changes.


Some referees remarked about unskillful players at U10-U12. Be careful of the words you use; people are listening. Think about what you say before you say it.


Mini tournament involving ASU, NMSU, U of A Tucson, NM Tech on Saturday.


Dress professionally: mostly black shoes, black socks with three white stripes, proper shorts, and shirt.



Gina Martinez won the door prize.


José Diosdado, who arrived from his game in Gadsden, submitted the treasurer’s report, which was accepted.


Anthony Freitas, a new referee from Phoenix who has joined our organization, was introduced.


Rick Hendricks, Secretary

September 29, 2002