Las Cruces Soccer Referees Association General Meeting


Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 200                      Date: September 8, 2004


Call To Order at 7:00 pm hours


Approval of previous month’s minutes: Motion – , Second –


Treasurer’s Report: Lisa Willman

Sep 30, 2004


       Current Assets  
                     Checking 0.00
                     First Federal Bank 1,632.10
                     Savings 4,131.94
               Total Checking/Savings   5,764.04
               Accounts Receivable 8,154.00
               Total Accounts Receivable 8,154.00
      Total Current Assets 13,918.04
TOTAL ASSETS 13,918.04
              Current Liabilities  
                       Accounts Payable  
                                  Accounts Payable 7,920.00
                       Total Accounts Payable 7,920.00
               Total Current Liabilities 7,920.00
       Total Liabilities 7,920.00
               Opening Bal Equity 6,171.12
               Net Income 173.08
       Total Equity 5,998.04
Total Liabilities and Equity $13,918.04


HNSL Report:  Monty Wellborn- Season starts 9-11-2004.  Please make field conditions known on report.  Burn Lake games park on North side and enter on East side of fields.


MVLS Report:  Gina Martinez- Dominic is still league president and Gina VP. The league may be looking for an assignor.


Assignor Report:  Went from 165 refs to 132 refs. Fifty of those have not responded to conflicts.


SDR  Remarks:  Report ref assaults ASAP. Get with Gary if you did not make recertification clinic.


Assessors Remarks:  Assement may be slow in coming for fall saeson because of HS season.


High school Report:  Will hold meeting after tonight’s general meeting.


Old Business

Topics - None

New Business

            Topics – None


Topics for Instruction - Reviewed the seven cautionable offences

Instructor - Rich Richins



Winner – Ashley Rosales – SS AS Red


Meeting Adjourned – 8:06 PM