Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

Board Meeting
September 12, 2012
Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200

Called to order at 6:10PM by Lisa Willman

Members Present: Matt Horst, Malynda Chizek, Robert Gage, Lisa Willman
Visitors: Elliott Willman, Andy Bristol

1. Minutes of July 11 & August 8, 2012 board meeting tabled

2. Committee Reports
    a. Certification Clinic: Robert reported that 17 new referees were certified as grade 9. Lisa will send welcoming email.
    b. Director of Assessment – Robert Gage – Youth Referee Mentor Program. Robert reported that Albuquerque pays $20/hr. Lisa will propose a $3200 budget to LCYSL to fund the project. Lisa       proposed a link be placed on the LCSRA website where referees can request a mentor. Robert suggested an additional link where referees can ask a question about game situations. Andy and Robert agreed to do this.
    c. By-Law Revision – tabled
    d. 35 Anniversary – Andy Bristol spoke to Phil Snyder and John Ryan and it was decided that referee association started in early 1979. Recognition of this event will occur in January 2014.

3. Old Business
    a. Pay Schedule – Report LC Youth League – Motion passed
    b. Design New Logo – Tabled

4. New Business With no new business meeting adjourned at 6:30PM.

Membership Meeting Minutes
September 12,, 2012
Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200
Business Meeting

1. Meeting called to order at 7:05PM by Lisa Willman

2. Approve minutes August 8 2012 meeting - tabled
    a. Treasurer’s Report - tabled

3. Las Cruces Youth Soccer League Report
    a. Status of Increase in referee fees – league approved pay raise. $4/position (youth) $5/position (adult)
    b. Grade 9 Certification Clinic August 25 – 17 new Grade 9 referees, those in attendance recognized. Robert indicated if a referee needed help can email him at
    c. Whole Enchilada Tournament October 13 and 14 – refereeing opportunity
    d. Jason McClure – President of LC Youth Soccer League – not present
    e. To get to the master schedule on Arbiter user name is;  Password is; access

4. Mesilla Valley Soccer League Report – no report

5. State District Referee Administrator Report – no report

6. Youth Referee Mentoring Program – Robert indicated a link will be placed on webpage to access mentoring form. Tom discussed and showed form.

7. Committee Reports
    a. By-Law Revision Committee – tabled

Instructional Presentation – Robert Gage & Tom Duttle
Robert spoke about being prepared to do game. First impressions important: proper attire, be on time (30 minutes before game time), referee pre-game talk, primary responsibilities for AR (offside & direction). Game reports completed within 48 hours & 24 hours if incident. Link on webpage: ask a referee.
Tom passed out sheet on rules for various age groups. Tom mentioned importance of looking at passcards and all U8 kicks indirect. Tom also showed instructional video on handball (important consideration - making yourself bigger).

Door Prize- Desiree Lopez winner