Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

LCSRA General Meeting Minutes – September 14, 2016
NMSU Gerald Thomas Hall Rm. 200

1. Meeting called to order @ 7:00 p.m. by Past-President Andy Bristol

2. Approval of August 2016 minutes:- No minutes taken

3. Treasurer Report (Tina Burgland): No Report/Not Present

4. HNSL Report (Thad Taylor): No Report/Not Present

5. MVSL Report (Bill Lindemann):
- City cancelled MVSL matches on Burn Lake for this week (9/13-9/15) and next week (9/20-9/22) for irrigation
- Pay scale:
> $35 - referee, $28 - assistant referee
> $32 for short sided games

6. State District Referee Admin. Remarks (Tom Duttle):

7. Assessors Remarks (Dominique Gbogbo): No Report

8. Youth Referee Representative (Zane Chafee): No Report

9. High School (Tim Pitts): Meeting after general meeting

10. Training:
- Pre-Game instructions: field inspection, referee crew conference, player check-in, ect.
- Post-Game instuctions: checking scores/cards, returning pass cards, discussion about how game went, discussion on improvements, ect.
- Concussion Management: if you suspect a concussion, remove player from field and do not let that player play the rest of the match
- Specific game rules:
> U8: no deliberate heading, (possibility of no referees on further U8 matches)
> U9/10: no deliberate heading, no punts/drop-kicks from GK, no ARs, call offside using ‘build-out’ line; once GK has possession attackers must progress to the ‘build- out’ line and must wait for the keeper to release the ball; unless keeper releases ball early, therefore a live ball
> U11/12: punting and deliberate headers allowed, offside,
> U13+ Small-sided: No punting/drop-kicks
> U13+: FIFA enforced

11. Meeting Adjourned @ 8:15 P.M.

Minutes taken by Secretary: Xavier Chavez