BOD Meeting



President GboGbo called to order.

No formal action was taken.

Discussion items:

·         The new LCYSL pay table and higher expectations

·         Game Reports need to improve

·         Consistency in enforcing the zero tolerance policy

·         Club passes

Adjourned at 6:55pm







Regular Meeting



President GboGbo called to order.

No minutes to approve at this time.


LCYSL: Steve Hanson, VP of the youth league attended and about the new and improved LCYSL

Zero Tolerance policy. All referees need to be familiar with this and enforce it. Remember, if it isn’t

In the game report, it didn’t happen!


Mr. Hanson also stated the end of season tournament is now sponsored by Target and will be titled,

“Target United Cup”. This will be on November 10-12, 2017. LCYSL will be running the tournament, not a club.

He also discussed the new pay scale. All Grade 8 referees who want the new, higher pay rates will need to successfully complete a “D & G Assessment”. Contact state district referee Tom Duttle to schedule an



Game Reports are not being completed properly. The game report needs to state the number/name/minute of game, of each player who scored a goal. Information on all Cards issued for misconduct must be complete and accurate. Please use the proper terminology. Do NOT use the word

“Excessive” when describing a caution. Put the team name/player #/player name/Caution or Send Off (red)/reason with brief explanation. If it is a serious send-off violation like violent conduct a supplementary report via email should be completed by the entire referee crew and sent to Tom Duttle.

Remember, parents on one side, teams/players only on the other.


Treasurer: No changes


Training conducted by Bill Lindemann; Field observations; be there on time! Dress appropriately. Professionalism

Adjourned at 8:15pm.


Minutes submitted by Raymond Burchfield, Secretary, LCSRA