Jesus Evaluates His Church
A Study of the Seven Churches of Asia

A Study of Evangelists

A Study of Elders

A Study of the Lord's Supper

A New Testament Perspective

Romans 1:28-32
A Greek Word Study

Romans 12:9-21
The Essence of Authentic Christianity:
27 Practical Steps to Becoming
Grace Affirming Saints

How Love Behaves
An In-depth Study of I Corinthians 13

An Examination of Isaiah 58
The Acceptable Fast of the Lord

The Minor Prophets
In-depth Background Studies

The Silent Centuries
The So-Called "Intertestamental" Period
A Study of the 400 Years Between
Malachi and Matthew

The Lord's Day
Tracing Its History and Significance

The "One Another" Passages
Relationships in the NT Church

A Study of "TULIP" Theology
Examining the Five Points of Calvinism
In Light of God's Inspired Word

A View of the Versions
A Study of Various Versions & Translations
Of God's Holy Scriptures