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Rio Grande Cutthrout Print

As a fund raiser, the Club is selling prints of an original drawing by Michelle Arterburn.  There were only 150 copies printed and each print is numbered and signed by the artist.  Size is 11 X 17 inches and is sold unframed for $25 each.  Add an extra $5 if you wish it mailed.  If interested direct enquiries to Michelle Arterburn at Michelle Arteburn Studio ( or use the order form here.  Also, any of the officers and board members should be able to help you.
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Cutthroat Trout Print

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License Plates

Out of stock

Hat Colors (l-r):
khaki:  Out of stock
light blue:  1 in stock
light grey:  1 in stock
Approx. 3" in dia. 

($15 + $5 shipping + PayPal fee)

($15 + $5 shipping + PayPal fee)

($1 + $0.50 postage + PayPal fee)
MVFF Logo Merchandise