Ghost of Point Marianne
by Stephen P. Gulla

     Here is the ghost of Pt Marianne. When I took this picture I was laying prone like a rifleman looking through the Olympus zoom. My two friends I drug along were saying hurry up; I was centering the picture on something that was moving and small. You can see the black small figure of something grabbing a branch. I wanted to go farther back into this area but just got  plain old scared and we left. Now look at the big rock on the left side, the back end has a snake looking protrusion white and misty with another misty blob next to it. It is not so clear here, this is scanned from a 25 asa slide on a home scanner. On a nice slide projector its amazing. The large rock on the left also has an opening on the bottom that looks like an opening that has been burrowed . Rocks with this same feature are found on pictures of Mars from the Landers giving some rocks a "inhabited" look.

     Studying this picture and hundreds more made me come to the conclusion that, in some way rocks were alive and responsible for and part of the UFO phenomena. Going back in time with the help of ancient carvings and mysterious paintings and helped confirm my findings. And after most people had thought I had slipped a brain cell...NASA our beloved reality space team announced that p-furious those six foot worms living on the ocean floor on heat vents are in a way a rock morphing creature that metabolized tungsten, "the metal from another world" and part of they`re make up was microbes that helped form they`re  rock home. It gets way deeper then that, but NASA also said 60% of the rocks on Earth are tungsten metabolizing microbe infested and they give off hydrogen as a byproduct of they`re existence, they also said this opened the door to the possible existence of other tungsten metabolizers.This was great for someone who was telling people that "ghosts" at least some; and parts of the ET story were in fact mineralogical lifeforms that share Earth and inhabit other planets as part of the make up of those planets. IE: ET lives here...and they`re. I have pictures that lock all the pieces together from other parts of the world too; but because this might be under study...It`s an X file for now... Steve"Yetiman"Gulla -----


Now, you probably ask if I believe in the Ghost of Point Marianne...
Can't say that I've ever seen it.
But there are enough ancient graves, and enough tragedy on the island
to prove to me that if there are ghosts, this would be one of the places to have them.
Here are some photos of the various tombs and graveyards on the island to help you decide:


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