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Statement by Patrick J. Buchanan
on the Second Amendment

For Immediate Release - March, 14, 1995
Contact: Greg Mueller / K.B. Forbes at 703-848-1996

The Second Amendment guarantees the fundamental individual right to own, possess, and use personal firearms. This right is a personal and individual right that the Constitution says shall not be infringed. If I am elected President, it will not be infringed.

The gun-control lobby has long peddled the myth that gun ownership causes crime. That is the very opposite of the truth. It is decades of liberal policies in law enforcement, jurisprudence, education and welfare that have made the streets of our greatest cities unsafe for the traffic and commerce of decent people. Our nation's capital, where it is virtually illegal to own a gun, has nearly the highest per capita murder rate in the country. New York is not far behind. Yet, the gun-control lobby still offers as a solution to urban barbarism an assault on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans. Far from contributing to crime, the private ownership of guns gives the citizens of this free republic the means to protect life, liberty and property.

As President, Bill Clinton has repeatedly attacked the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms through both the Brady Act and the ban on certain semiautomatic guns. The semiautomatic ban is an unambiguous violation of the Second Amendment. The Brady Act violates not only the Second Amendment, but the Tenth by imposing an unfunded mandate on local law enforcement agencies. The Republican Congress should repeal both laws and challenge Mr. Clinton's veto threats. As President, I would use all the constitutional powers of that office, to ensure that the rights of American gun owners, as provided for in the Bill of Rights, are fully and faithfully protected.

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