Foreign Military Hardware Being Positioned in America

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 01:19:18 EST

Tonight at work I witnessed something very bizarre, we have a train track behind my building...

About 11:00 pm tonight I heard a train passing, this is strange as it is a semi - residential area and usually trains doing run past 10:00 pm... So I looked out the back windows and saw a flat car after flat car of what looked like tarped farm equipment...

The train was moving fairly slowly and the walk from my building to the track is about 50 meters so I strolled over to take a closer look... As I got closer something struck me as odd, the railheaded vehicles looked military... As I got right up to the track I saw one of the vehicles coming up the track had the tarp partially off and what I saw under the tarp shocked me... It was a ZSU-23-4 Soviet Anti Aircraft vehicle...

As I watched I saw what looked like BRDM's, BMP's, more ZSU's and the real kicker, and no joking here people... T-72's!!!!!! Now all the other vehicles shocked me but the "possible" T-72's sacred the hell out of me...

I started counting the outlines of the potential T-72's and there were 40 minimum... Who knows how many might have gone by before I walked out, all together there were an estimated 100 vehicles that I counted, not counting what had already gone by and this was a long train!!!!!

The rail there were on was a western track header toward Kansas, I say again west... At the end of the train were ten boxcars two of which had lights on inside them but I could only see light coming from inside nothing else... I am in Kansas City and witnessed this myself, no second hand info here, I personally saw this...

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Rick A.

FLASH NEWS, 2-14-98

Three reports concerning large movements of foreign military equipment within the United States came in this week. Normally, we would not think much about it. Our military often uses foreign equipment for familiarization and/or target practice.

However, these reports, when taken together, are something different. Much of the foreign equipment is Russian. All of it is fully armed and functional. A lot of it is new. Command center equipment is included.

Most disturbing are the reports that equipment like SAM-13 (surface-to-air) missile platforms, fire control systems, several self-propelled artillery pieces, and the generators and tactical support to keep them in the field were also sighted.

The reports describe lots and lots of fully armed tanks and some armored personnel carriers being moved by rail. Judging by the pictures I saw, this is exactly the type of equipment favored by the Russians to put down civil disturbances and/or small military uprisings.

The only reason I am describing this situation now is that there is apparently more than enough of this equipment in the United States at this time to supply a complete Russian army. This is way, way too much foreign war equipment to be running around the United States. Because, remember, it is all armed and ready to go.

Pictures are available at:

We ask that all military officers -- especially those in Michigan -- check this out and get back with us ASAP. As always, your anonymity will be assured. However, the American people have every right to know exactly what is going on.