Below is a short historical analysis of the Serbian cause and role in Europe which you won't hear in the mainstream media.

Good synopsis background from LOUIS BEAM follows.

Because of the control of the news media most people do not understand the real battle being waged inside the borders of Yugoslavia. Let me then tell you about it. 600 years ago Islamic hordes invaded Christian Europe. They destroyed everything in their path. Those who refused to convert to Mohammedism suffered horrible fates. The Serbian women were first raped and then sold along with their children into slavery. Serbian men not killed on the battle field were castrated and blinded to make them docile slaves for their Turkish masters. Whole cities became a single funeral pyre with their flames reaching toward heaven for the thousands who lived in them as they were burned by the invaders. At one point in their advance into Serbia the Turks nailed some 12,000 Serbians to crosses mocking the death of Christ and the Faith of the Serbs. The Turkish invasion of Europe seemed unstoppable as they swept over everything in their path with fire and sword. Until they reached the Kosovo Plain.

For it was there that in 1389 some 77,000 Christian knights and soldiers met the Turks. All of them pledging to each other and to Christ that they would die rather than convert to Mohammedism and lose their liberty. With prayer and fasting and the Cross of Christ before them, 77,000 Christian men led by Serbian Prince Lazar engaged in a gory battle to the death. Giving their life's blood not just to save the freedom of Serbia, but of all Europe from the advance of Mohammed's enslaving hordes. When the battle was over the cream of Serbian manhood lay dead in great heaps on the blood drenched field along with their Prince. But their death did not come easy for the Muslims. These martyrs for their faith fought so heroically, exacting such a tremendous toll upon the Islamic soldiers, that the advance into the heart of Europe was halted. During the battle a group of knights having heard that their Prince was dead, raced headlong through the enemy lines charging into the very center of the enemy camp where they slew in his tent the Turkish leader Emir Murad I. There they too died in desperate hand to hand combat outnumbered two hundred to one.

Thenceforth Kosovo Field became to the Serbian people Acampo santo, The Holy Field. It is considered by many historians of the Christian Church to be the single greatest tomb of Christian martyrs killed in a single day. No other single larger sacrifice of Christians is know. Rome had it's glory. But Serbia has Kosovo! Each year on St Vitus' Day the Serbs honour the holy martyrs of Kosovo Plain and commemorate that epic sacrifice to freedom and the Faith of Christ with prayer and fasting.

Such is the history of the Alamo-like stand of Serbian manhood against the invading foes of Western Christian Civilization. Kosovo province is the heart and soul of Serbia and they will not yield it to today's Albanian Muslim terrorists backed by American cruise missiles and B2 bombers. The United States' aggression against the Serbs will be valiantly opposed by the descendants of those who died upon Kosovo Plain. The attempt to break it away from the Serbian nation will fail and America will reap more shame and condemnation for it's cowardly bombing of the Yugoslavian people. Like the Mexican commander Santa Anna who called for the Texans to surrender before his troops stormed the walls of the Alamo, Clinton has called for the surrender of Kosovo. He will not get it. And he will make martyrs of those he kills. Liberty and Faith still has it's defenders.

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