TO: The Presidential Debate Commission

We DEMAND that Harry Browne, Libertarian Candidate for President, be included in the Presidential Debates.

The Media has already said that Ross Perot will be included in the Debates of '96. WHY? Ross Perot and the Reform Party will not be on the ballot on all 50 states. Harry Browne will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

Does Ross Perot offer any alternative to the Republican or Democratic Parties? No, he does not. However, Harry Browne does represent the Independent Voter in this country which has proven to be over 50 per center of the voters in America.

Was the Libertarian Party included in the debates in '92? No. Ross Perot would not have garnered 19% percent of the vote in 1992 had it not been for the "help" of the media. Is it RIGHT for the media to HELP one third party candidate over another one? No, it is NOT. The reason they use for including Ross Perot is that he gardnered 19% of the vote in '92. With the media's help (or without the media's help) don't you think that the percentage of the vote would have been different?

Do you think that the MEDIA should choose who should be included in the Presidential Debates? NO, we do not. The American people should decide this and they have decided.

The Libertarians have been a party since 1971 and have gained strength and support for their candidates ever since. They do hold offices across the country. Does the Reform Party? NO. Does the Taxpayers' Party? NO. It is TIME for the Libertarians to be placed in their proper role in American politics as the official THIRD party of this country.

Please write your own letter to the Presidential Debate Commission either by EMail or send a letter. But do it now!!! STOP THE BROWNE OUT!!!

The Presidential Debate Commission:

Presidential Debate Commission
601 13th Street N.W.
#310 South
Washington D.C. 20005

Dorothy H. Bibee
2224 Fisher Place
Knoxville, TN 37920
Ph/FAX (423) 577-7011

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