A Generational Odyssey by David Horowitz (The Free Press 1997)

By Cathy Leahy

Sit down, strap yourself in and get ready to reel. Although Horowitz' story about the Black Panthers' murderous reign of terror is enough to make your hair stand on end, we hear tales of transitions from liberalism to conservatism increasingly these days. Stories about "second thoughters". They include people such as Michael Medved and Rabbi Daniel Lapin. But the story behind the story is much more disturbing as it relates to how socialism has become such a powerful and detrimental force in our everyday lives.

The book is a slow read because on every page there is a new revelation about how the communists/socialists did it. Took over, that is. I keep picking it up and reading some and saying "oh my God" and laying it down to let the shock sink in. Here are a few of the shockers:

1. It seems that in 1932, the New York teachers' union was a front for the communist party and that is how Horowitz' teacher father became a communist. After reading this, I had to put the book down and contemplate whether the communists still run the teacher's union. If not, then why didn't I read or hear about a purge?

2. Planned Parenthood, described as a communist front.

3. Carl Bernstein, of Woodward and Bernstein fame: like Horowitz, he was raised by communist parents. What was his real motivation to go after Nixon?

4. Throughout the book, Horowitz names names. Media institutions like the New York Times, The Saturday Evening Post, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, all filled with people who seek the proliferation of communism/socialism in the world. Here's a passage that made my blood go cold:

  "The year my father went to the Soviet Union the country  was
  ravaged  by one of the most terrible famines on human record.
  But my father did not see it, while others who did  concealed
  it.  Walter Duranty, the Moscow correspondent of the New York
  Times, whose job it was to  be  the  eyes  and  ears  of  the
  American public, was one.  Like my father, Duranty considered
  himself a progressive.  While millions perished, he purposely
  kept  their fate from view in order to protect socialism from
  its taint."

After reading this passage, my thoughts turned to Hanoi Jane Fonda and her marriage to CNN mogul Ted Turner. How nice and tidy a little coup that was for the Left.

I can't help but wonder whether this same thinking is why the dominant media refuses to even consider that former White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster might have been murdered. To them, it seems, it is unthinkable to even discuss with any seriousness (and in the face of an open ongoing investigation into that very subject) that murder could be a possibility. Are they America's modern day Walter Duranty in spades? Are they protecting Bill Clinton's corrupt regime because he is the closest they have ever come to achieving their Marxist dreams? Is he their socialist standard bearer who should be forgiven for a few little missteps in the name of their cause? And how will they explain their dereliction when foul play is eventually revealed?

5. The leaders of the Vietnam War protests coming out of Berkeley that were ostensibly protesting the violence, were really protesting the American war on communism. They were pro communist. Horowitz was one of them. So when they lathered up the gullible students against war and violence, their real agenda was about nurturing communism throughout the world. They protected Castro and the Sandinistas in the same way and today they are protecting communist China. The recent handover of Hong Kong to communist China without much of a protest by the Clinton administration, aided and abetted by the dominant media is a perfect example of how our government tacitly condones such an outrage in the name of socialism. Never mind that these were and are brutal totalitarian regimes on a par (but on a smaller scale) with Stalin's outlaw reign which they eschewed after the Kruschev Report. For the American Left, the important point is that they are communists. They are not giving up on their Marxist ideas. It seems to be ingrained in them.

Other examples include the reluctance of the administration and the dominant media to cover the human rights abuses under Marxists Fidel Castro and Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

6. When Bob Scheer, editor of the old Left (communist) magazine, Ramparts, for which Horowitz later worked, announced his new tactics on how the Left should penetrate society, it proved to be the way the Left would now operate and probably still operates today. Horowitz' words are chilling:

"....he now proposed that the Left should advance under the colors of the liberal establishment and bore from within."

And "bore from within" is what they have done. They have sewn the seeds of communist ideas throughout society and they permeate our lives in every way.

"Radical Son" is an indictment of the labor and teachers unions, our ostensibly prestigious academic institutions (that now harbor as tenured professors some of the murderers from the Black Panther movement), the Democrat party, and the mainstream media.

Here is a man, Horowitz, who was born and bred a communist and saw the error of his ways. But not before he helped orient America toward socialism/communism. You won't hear anything about Radical Son in the mainstream press because it reflects directly upon them. It is an indictment of them.

This book should be read by every person who cherishes the freedom and liberty that our Constitution guarantees us. After you read it, take a look at the Communist Manifesto. Then read the U.S. Constitution. Which one is closer to society in America today? The answer is chilling.

Published in the Jul. 7, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly

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