Terrorism In America

by Barry Clausen
North American Research

The Courier

March 28, 1996 Issue

If environmental terrorism had not emerged,
terrorism in America would have been virtually non-existent in the late 1980's.

During the 1980's in America, concern over environmental issues led some extremists to turn to terrorism. Guided by a philosophy that is still evolving and expanding, environmental and animal rights terrorists believe that only through terrorist acts can they convey their message and beliefs to others. More importantly, these groups exhibit a fatalistic view that if left unchecked, humans will bring the world to a cataclysmic end. They believe it is their job to ensure that this does not happen.

During the last several years there has been terrorism against the nuclear industry, mining, ranching and the timber industry, not only in America but throughout the world. One of the major concerns of environmental terrorists is that of nuclear power. On November 7, 1987 the Evan Mecham Eco-terrorist International Conspiracy (EMETIC) made it's first "official" appearance when they sent a letter to the Fairfield Snow Bowl ski resort advising them that the chairlifts at the resort had been sabotaged. The group EMETIC selected it's name as a sarcastic slap at Evan Mecham, the former governor of Arizona.

During the next several months EMETIC claimed responsibility for many terrorist acts and finally on May 30, 1989 the first EMETIC members were arrested near Wenden, Arizona when they were caught cutting through an electrical support tower from a nuclear power facility. The three arrested were Mark Davis, Margaret Millet and Marc Baker. Dave Foreman, the founder of Earth First! and who currently holds a position on the Sierra Club's Board of Directors was named with the others in the federal indictment released the following month. Charged with conspiracy (among other things), the group apparently intended to use the May 30th attack at Wenden, Arizona as a practice session before simultaneously attacking the power transmission lines at three separate nuclear facilities in California, Arizona and Colorado.

Unfortunately for Foreman and the other EMETIC members the group had been infiltrated by Michael Fain, an undercover FBI agent. All those arrested eventually pled guilty. Davis, Baker and Millet all received prison terms. Foreman's sentencing was delayed until the summer of 1996; if he complies with the conditions of his probation, he will be allowed to enter a guilty plea to a misdemeanor Charge.

Since 1989 terrorism by environmental terrorists has expanded, including a demonstration by Earth First! in July of 1994, against the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant in Tennessee, that resulted in $480,142 in sabotage and down time at the facility. Since that time there have been tens of millions of dollars in sabotage against timber, mining and ranching interests throughout our country.

In my next report, I will talk about Dave Foreman's newest idea, "The Wildlands Project" and the groups connected to it. I will also list the Earth First! and Animal Liberation Front organizations that have adopted the Wildlands Project and where these terrorist organizations get some of their money.

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