"The sky is a free play-ground of colors...
dramatic or subtle..always new."

			-  Whirlwind Designs

Spin into the Gallery

The canopy of the sky is ever-present. It's appearance, whether clear blue or stormy grey, can influence our mood and state of mind. My personal awareness of this has been life-long.

In the early 80's my art took a turn towards theTORNADIC . I wish to express my appreciation to Tom Grazulis and his Tornado Project for this inspiration. I saw the Tornado as an archetypal spiralling form, unchanged through time. What captured my imagination was the Tornadoes' many varieties of colors, sizes, and shape-changes.

A storm is a cathartic event: from it's build-up and approach, to our envelopment in its energy, through to the clearing sky. As we become more and more over-whelmed by "technology", Nature tends to move more to the background of our daily lives. The powers inherent in sky and weather serve to remind us that there are powers beyond the rational and technological.

I see my Art of Sky, Weather, and other Natural Forces, as a reminder to myself and others of the wonder, mystery, and drama that Nature displays to us through her many manifestations.

In 1982 WHIRLWIND DESIGNS was created to produce graphics and art that would dramatize the forces of Sky, Weather,and other Natural phenomena. Some of this work was displayed in 1985 at the First Conference on Whirlwind Phenomena, held in Oxford England.

Since then, WHIRLWIND DESIGNS has made available original art-work (paintings and drawings), and a line of silk-screened T-shirts displaying Sky and Weather Phenomena.

As new art-work and T-shirt designs are created and made available, they will be posted on this site...so stay tuned...and remember to look up!

                  - Lenny Silverman
                  WHIRLWIND DESIGNS   

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