Radiator Repair (107 chassis) photos and description by Adil Yatiz

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1 - what a mess inside (1987 560SL)

1a - tools needed, actually only a few. Drive up the ramp, secure the car, let it cool down

1b - here the parts, check your hoses before buying, you might need more than this.

2 - remove tank top

3 - this is where the radiator drain plug is. the stabilizer bar must have been designed later, don't bother opening here, it's impossible.

4 - see why?

5 - you got to catch the stuff, it's the law

6 - remove bottom hose

7 - remove top hoses and shroud

8 - remove transmission cooling line from radiator (10mm)

9 - remove trans cooling line, save bolt and washers (I spent 1/2 hour looking for that thing)

10 - same on bottom

11 - remove radiator clip left and right with pliers

12 - and the old one goes, drain it, plug up the oil cooler holes, remove rubber bushing left and right and place on new radiator

13 - clean debris from radiator bay, slide new radiator in carefully

14 - attach radiator brackets (clips), to reach the one on the left (picture, driver side) remove air intake hose and ask someone with small hands to do it

15 - replace hoses where required, attach all hoses and lines and shroud, add radiator fluid. run engine, burp engine, check transmission oil level and add if necessarry

16 - what is that rattle? The neck of the radiator intake breaks off easily on older designs, what a waste of a good radiator. All you need to do now is clean the car and brag about the money you saved (about $800 in my case)

17a - after the upper hose on the radiator blew, this is how the car looked outside

17b - isn't she a beaut? (brag)


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