Do-It-Yourself Projects

Some folks are just a little more handy with tools than others and like to work on their own vehicles. If you have documented a project and would like it posted here (or a link to your URL), please send us an email with the details.

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Radiator Repair (107 chassis) - Adil Yatiz

Installing Rear Speakers (107 chassis) - Norm & Pat Waleke

Fabricating Hardtop Storage Rack (107 chassis) - Norm & Pat Waleke

Installing Monovalve Repair Kit (107 Chassis) - Ben Harris

PT Cruiser

PT - Ed Fishkind

Installing Mopar Subwoofer - Norm & Pat Waleke

Installing MSDS Air Intake - Norm & Pat Waleke


Installing Mopar Dual Exhaust - photos by Pat Waleke

Installing MacMotorsports Air Intake - Norm & Pat Waleke

Installing ProwlerPro Gears - Norm & Pat Waleke

Installing Window Tint - Norm & Pat Waleke


Fabricating a grille - Norm & Pat Waleke

Installing Injen Air Intake - Norm & Pat Waleke

Installing Front Speakers - Norm & Pat Waleke

Note: Some of the projects completed by Norm & Pat are not documented in their entirety, but if you have questions, please feel free to contact us via email


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