Services of Universal Peace
With Azima Lila Forest, Siraj
(Senior minister in the Sufi tradition)

Services of Universal Peace are based upon the traditional Universal Worship Service, which was created by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse religious traditions of the world, externally in the beauty of their distinctions and differences, and internally in the transformative and healing power of their inner Unity in One Source.
Conducted by ministers called Cherags (Lamps of the Message) and Sirajs (senior ministers), the Service honors the world's religious and spiritual traditions.
For each tradition, a candle is lit, and a spiritual practice is shared, engaging the hearts, minds, and bodies of the participants with the Living Transmission of the particular Divine Quality or Aspect manifesting through that tradition.
Services can also be done in honor of the seven directions, or the five elements, or the continents, or any other sacred dimensions we wish to honor.  They may be done in churches and other places of worship, in nature, in private homes, or any venue.  They may also be incorporated into rites of passage such as weddings and memorial services.
Fee: there is no fee for this work.

You can contact me at azima@zianet.com or 575-574-7805.