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Friday 10 JAN 03
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>>>Parent Record Import

*** LE has always had a Parent Record export function (Write F4P Formnat Parent Record in the Action menu). In the LOD Data Parent window I added an "Import" button. Clicking this button will request the name of a LE F4P Parent Record file. (Note: there is a version number in the F4P Parent Record export file now. If you have some older version files, add this line to the top of the file:

1.0 LE Parent Info

Before a Parent Record file is imported, you are ask if you want to save the current record. If you are replacing an SP3 model, you should save its record so you can store the original model. I recommend that you include the original model's Parent # in the file name for future reference. The The current Parent Record # data is replaced with the imported record data.

If you append your models in the same order during a reinstallation, then the LODx # should be OK. If not, then the LODx # needs to be changed to match the current configuration.

*** If you do not want to replace the current Parent Record #, then click on the "Append" button, answer "No" to "Copy current data to new parent record?", then click on the "Import" button to update the blank record with your model's data. The current "Normal" Parent # in the CT record will be changed to the new Parent Record #.

>>>LOD Distances, Object Bubble and Deaggregation Distances

*** This function (found under the "Utilities" menu) checks the LOD distances (in KO.hdr), bubble distance (in Falcon4.ct) and Deagg. distance (in Falcon4.fed) against user selected maximum distances and adjust those values that exceed the user's value.

The purpose of this function is to correct some very extreme distances that exist in the default databases. I have seen some Features with a LOD distance of 60 million feet!! (about 1500 miles). The expected result, hopefully, is an improvement in FPS. The effects of this function on campaigns and visibility of distance objects has not been thoroughly tested. Back up your KO.hdr, Falcon4.ct and Falcon4.fed before using this function. Any input on its effect (good and bad) on FPS and object visibility is greatly appeciated. (This function was requested by Chris Carter).

>>>Verify Model function

*** I added a check on the value of the texture mapping variables (u and v). For a node, if they are zero or one or more verts have the same values, an error message is entered in the Texture listbox. This enhancement should help located nodes that are not yet texture mapped or were badly mapped.

*** The Verify Model window is now "floating" (stays visible while giving focus to the Display/Edit window). This feature will allow you to look at and correct errors found by Verify Model's check.

*** Clicking on an entry in any of the listboxes will expand the Node Tree and highlights the node named in the entry. This enhancement will quickly find the node with the problem and allow you to open the node's DB and correct the error. If no Node# is pointed out in the listbox entry, no search action will be performed.

>>>Texture Mapping

*** The node for a texture map can be identified in the Texture Mapping window by drawing a square (CTRL-Left-Mouse) around the txVerts of the map in question. As the case with the same tools in the model Edit window, a Search Results DB will be displayed listing all the nodes whose text maps lie within the square.

*** Node(s) mapped with the "view" buttons are initially positioned in the center of the texture window. Not a biggie, but will decrease greatly the number of mouse clicks to get the node(s) into place. :^)

*** A "Join Verts" button was added to the Texture Mapping window. The purpose of this function is to join u,v txVerts which lie within the user selected range. Using this function can pull together those mapped polys that you can't quite get right.

There are 2 modes the join function work in. If the "Nodes Show All" button is on, then all the nodes assigned to the current texture will be scanned. If it is off, only the selected nodes (those showing in the window) will be scanned. This will give you better control over which node txVerts you want to join.

CAUTION!! The join distance units are in texture units (0.0 - 1.0). If you enter too big of a value, you can totally screw up your texture mapping by joining most if not all the txVerts to one location. So, save your work before using the "join" function.

Hint: Look at the mapping of the nodes selected or all the mapped nodes, if using the "All Nodes" mode, and find the ones with the shortest distance between their txVerts. Then don't use a join distance value larger than this distance.

As always, any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome.
Post your response on F4LE@yahoogroups forum.
Friday 20 DEC 02
LODEditor Download
*** "Go" button for the Tools listbox. Clicking the "Go" will execute the function that appears in the Tools listbox window.

*** You can enter the Texture Mapping window without having to select a node that is textured. The purpose of this enhancement is to allow users and non-user to access the texture maps for a model and export them.

*** The Model & Texture Setup wizard wrongly added 1 to the number of DOF's and Switches. This error has been corrected.

*** LE crashed when the Find Node function searched for a node type. Fixed.

*** The HDR Max Nodes function reset the MaxNodes to the max found in the KO.lod file when it is run. This caused the curious user's new value to be changed to the lower value. Fixed.

*** As noted in the conversation between Mike and me, the problems with the way LE was setting added palette's alpha (transparency) variable and ChromaKey value have been fixed. A model, using a new palette, will be displayed correctly in LODViewer.

*** In a previous version of LE, the behavior of the vectors of nodes being removed from a Subtree was changed such that all verts had unique vectors (i.e., identical vectors were not combined). This behavior resulted in many duplicate vectors when a freshly-structured model's Subtrees were removed. There are situations where the user does not want duplicate, or co-position vectors to be combined. The "Do you want to remove the Subtree or DOF?" dialogbox has been changed to give the user the option of combining or not combining duplicate vectors.

Thursday 07 NOV 02
LODEditor Download
LE-OE: Fixed (again!) the "end-of-PD-list" flag.
LE-OE: Attempted to fix a problem with conflicting windows updates which can cause OE to crash.
LE-LE: Fixed (I hope :^)) a problem where LE crashes when rotating models in the Edit and Display window with Win9x systems.
Friday 01 NOV 02
LODEditor Download
LE-OE: Added PD/Feature coordinates Mark & Save and Paste function. To mark a location on the display to be used to pasted into a PD or Feature coordinates, hold down the CTRL key and right-click on the loaction to mark. To paste the coordinates, click on the "Paste X/Y" button in the DB.
Sunday 27 OCT 02
LODEditor Download
LE: Fixed the way LE was saving the Root node when it had no vectors or normals, but had textures.
LE: Changed the behavior of the removal of nodes from a Subtree and DOF. The vectors in the Subtree/DOF are not combined with duplicate vectors in the Root vector table.
Saturday 21 SEP 02
LODEditor Download
See LODEditor 3.71 Changes.txt, included in zip file.
Monday 16 SEP 02
LODEditor Download
See LODEditor 3.71 Changes.txt, included in zip file.


Mike Rivers' 3D Viewer
Monday 16 SEP 02
OpenGLLOD 3 Download
OpenGLLOD is a 3D, shaded, textured model/feature viewer. Read the include readme for instructions on how to install it and use it.
Note: Included in the LODEditor zip file.



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