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16 JUN 01
SPTinstall 3.0 | Download
SPTinstall builds theater terrain and texture files during theater installation or after changes to terrain tiles or terrain LOD 2 (L2) file.
07 AUG 01
LODFixer Download
LODFixer is used to tile a theater using scripted tiles selection criteria. AngelFire's CATE is the tiling tool of choice. This utilities is available at the link at the top of this page.
29 MAY 01
ObjectPlacer 1.32 Download
ObjectPlacer is a multi-function utilitiy that works on a Tacedit Objective Export file (.csv). Some of its functions are Bridge and City/Town/Village Placement, check on correct Road, River and Transistion tile placement, and check for correct Parent links. It also has a new function which calculates the radar LOS profiles for the static (Objective) radars. This function be run on all new theater te_new.tac and campaign files.
24 JUN 01
PathMaker Download
PathMaker is a multi-function utility working with the terrain tiles and Texture.bin. It is used to generate "paths" and "water areas" for tiles, generate the [theater].thr file, used by F4 for ground unit movement decisions, and [theater].mea (Minimum Elevation) file, edit the file, and generate Texture.bin file.
31 AUG 02
WitchFix Download
WitchFix is used to add/delete/edit string in the [theater].wch or String.wch files. It can also be used to convert .wav files to F4 VoiceInstall-compatible .lh files.
28 JUN 01
LODInstaller Download
LODInstaller is used in the theater installer to convert the Theater.L2 from 2-byte offset pointer to 4-byte offset pointer used in the latest theaters.
20 JUL 02
Tex-LOD Installer Download
Tex-LOD Installer is used during theater installation to install textures and LOD's (models).
17 MAR 01
TV Converter Download
TVConverter is converts from/to terrain Section/Tile to/from geo-coordinates (lat./long.).
18 MAR 02
TheaterMaker Download
TheaterMaker is a theater utilities launcher. The package contains most of the theater builder utilities.



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