Flower Pot "Hidden" Antenna

   The Picture to the left is the Flower Pot antenna system that I built for a friend of mine who lives in one of the restrictive "Condos". It covers the 40, 20, 17, 12, and 10 meter bands using 4 inexpensive mobile whips of the "HAMSTICK " variety. Each antenna is switched onto the feedline by a simple and small relay control box that is mounted in the flower pot. The whips are mounted around the sides of the pot. Concrete was poured into the bottom to provide some Ballast.
 The picture to the right is the flower pot antenna installed in it's final location at the CONDO. It remains pretty well hidden in plain site. If you want to build one of your own I Have made up a flowerpot.pdf file that shows how I made it and some construction hints. It can be viewed by clicking on the file name.

 UPDATE: My friend Bruce W5PNQ who I made this antenna for told me that in the fall of
2006 he was able to work both Australia and New Zeland on 10 meters CW running 100 watts from his Kenwood TS-570. Not bad for a hidden antenna.

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