Dave's Parts Storage

   These are the ways that I store my parts. The main storage is done in the small coin envelope you see on the front of the box. Small parts like resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc can be put in these envelopes with the item description written along the top. The box is about 12" by 12" by 3 and 1/2" with three dividers and two ends being made from 1/8" masonite. It is a very space conserving method to store small parts for electronic projects.
   The next size parts are stored in the Wall Mart Hobby boxes. If you watch for them on sale you can save yourself some money. They are great for Electrolytic capacitor parts assortments, Relays, LED's etc.
   The larger parts are stored in VCR Plastic tape boxes. (these are becoming harder to find these days of CD's ) I glue the ends of the hinge back with hot melt glue and write the description on the ends and they stack up on the shelf very well. For the largest parts selections like Pots and larger electrolytics, keys, switches, I use the Shoe box style of storage boxes. They also are good to store all the parts for organizing a project. You can put the parts for the project in there as your collecting them and then start on the project when you have them all collected.

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