Bricks Tricks

Screen shot of the bricks game
The game of Bricks (the one from 1986 from Rainmaker Software) still worked on my Mac, when I was using System 7.5.5, as long as I didn't try to run it, then close it, then run it again. On System 8 I'm not going to even try it. But on an older system, including 7.1, it's still a good time-waster.

Here's a trick to improve your score and amaze your fans. The paddle moves horizontally, following the + cursor. When the first ball drops, have your cursor centered in the "e" in Rainmaker. (It's on the "k" in this screen shot.) As soon as the ball bounces off the paddle, scoot over and dot the "i". Leave it there for two bounces; on the second one you will clean out the entire bottom three rows!!! It's pretty impressive when it's happening.

The other trick (since the title is plural I need at least two tricks) is to run the program on an old machine, without multifinder (before system 7), and with an application that doesn't allow DAs very much in the way of CPU time. When it runs slower, you can get some pretty high scores (like I did: that 3105 high score is mine).

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