Colon Health

In a word: FIBER

What you eat should be ac close to its natural state as possible, generally speaking. In other words, raw broccoli is a better intestinal broom than cooked. Undercooked is better than overcooked. Whole wheat flour is better than unbleached white, which is better than "enriched" flour, and the only reason they enrich it is that they have decimated its nutritional value by bleaching it. Always try to avoid that stuff.

Speaking of which, intestinal broom is another name for daikon, a huge white radish. It's available in American supermarkets nowadays.

There is a fairly well-known product out called "Metamucil" which is crushed psyllium seed, and the same stuff is available in various generic and house brand labels as well. It's a good basic bulking agent. If you're loose it will firm up, and if you're stuck it will get things moving. Great stuff. You can take it beforea meal or immediately afterward, though after is not the best way to do it. I once took it after a huge Thanksgiving meal and was quite uncomfortable when later I had to wait in line for the potty.

You take psyllium by mixing it up with water, and it's a lilttle hard to mix with just a spoon. What I do is put a spoonful in a 4-oz. cup that has a snap lid, fill with water (leaving a little room for agination), put the lid on, and shake vigorously. Then I chug the contents followed by another cup or two of water.

If none of this works, try singing a song to your colon:

peristalsis, peristalsis
dormez-vous? dormez-vous?

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