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The main thrust of this page is:

Places to Eat in Taos and Beyond

though there are some other food things at the bottom of the page.
The page has been updated 2/24/02
and should have been long before as some of the places no longer exist.

These establishments (presented in alphabetical order) have all received an "A" rating from the Museum of Taste

Disclaimer: The financial connection between these establishments and myself is: I give them money, they give me food.

There are also places I go that don't make the list -- I'm accumulating a list of disqualifiers at the bottom of the page. See also Standard Disclaimer

Amigos Lunch Counter -- Gone

Too bad. Vegetarian, huge portions. The Amigos Food Coop withered away.

The Apple Tree

On Bent Street, downtown Taos. There'll be something on the menu you've never imagined.

The Bean

Coffee and carbohydrates, on US64, just north of Cid's. They roast. Now called the "North Bean" as they have opened a new place on the south side, with food beyond the carbomunchie scene. Great breakfast burrito. Good food in general. Be warned, however, that they roast all their coffee waaaay dark.

Bent Street Deli

On Bent Street, across from the Apple Tree. Sandwich oriented.  I particularly like the Reuben. It would be better with potato chips but they serve corn chips -- sometimes I bring my own potato chips. I have no other complaints.


South side, just past the car wash. Not only do they have good food, but also a great selection of bottled goods, including the Single Village Mezcals from Del Maguey.

Fred's Place -- Gone

"Nobody goes there -- it's too crowded."
Sorry to say, it's gone.

Guadalajara Grill

In the same building as the other car wash, a bit further south from Bravo. Mexican food by real Mexicans -- fresh ingredients, nothing prefab about their stuff.

La Folie -- Gone


Macaroni Grill

Albuquerque (Winrock Center) and other places. High quality & reasonably priced Italian food, with a tablehopping singer already!


Somewhere in Paris. In 1976 it was in the Chatelet area, in the first arondissement. I've heard that it still exists but in another part of town. Creole cuisine. Watch out for the hot oil, made with habañero peppers (the hottest in the world).

Minnewaska House

On Lake Minnewaska, in Glenwood, Minnesota.  Incredible. Just incredible. I was there in the80's and I hope it's still as good.

The Outback

North side, between Camino de la Placita and Upper Ranchitos. Awesome pizza.  First timers alert: order a slice, not a whole pizza. Great soups too. Since this was first written, they had to change the name because of a thoroughly gauche lawsuit from the steak people, and as a result I will never patronize the latter.

Ranchos Trading Post Cafe

On NM68 at the top of the hill in Ranchos, by the Talpa turnoff. The "cup" of soup is bigger than most other places' bowls.  Desserts stun. Not a low-sodium outfit.


Reasons for excluding establishments from the list include, but are not limited to:
  1. Rotten help.
  2. Being rotten to the help.
  3. Topping off the Heinz -- though this is so common

While we're on the subject of food, there's a bunch of recipes you can look at. Most have nothing in common with restaurant food at all.
And then there's a page on flavors.
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