Modem Strings for 9600 bps

Modems keep getting faster and faster, and phone lines don't. And the modems always try to connect at the highest possible speed, but sometimes that doesn't work. If the phone line has certain kinds of wierdness about it, you just won't get a connection. But hey, you can try it at 9600 bps. You just have to tell the modem in its own dialect that you want that. (Screaming at it won't work.)

Here's a few init strings for various modems to force them to 9600.

Brand/Model                 String        Notes

SupraExpress                ATS37=9N      There's consistency in many modems,
various generic modems      ATS37=9N0     except for that pesky last digit.
Apple Express               ATS37=9N1     Very interesting.

US Robotics Sportster       AT&N6         This one's way different.

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