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Trivia question of the moment/week/season/whatever ...

This one is Macintosh-oriented: How does one make a double-sided floppy with the old "flat" file system (MFS)? First correct answer gets a bowl of chicken soup at the Ranchos Trading Post Cafe in Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico. Email the answer to: ebear@zianet.com (Eric Bear Albrecht)

Assistant Trivia Question:

The 33-1/3 rpm record turns at 33-1/3 rpm exactly.
The 45 rpm record turns at 45 rpm exactly.
The 78 rpm record turns at 78 rpm approximately.
What is its speed exactly? The prize is a tortilla.

Trivia Archive:

In 1995 I had this one up: what is the smallest number which, when multiplied by 1.5, gives the same result as when you move the first digit to the other end? (As though 2345 x 1.5 equalled 3452 -- but it doesn't). The question was answered by Roger Frye, who got a sandwich at the Bent Street Deli for his efforts. You want the number? E-mail me.

Strictly a Taos item: How many speed bumps did there usetabe on Valverde Road in 1982? The correct answer gets you coffee and a cookie, or a latte (buy your own cookie) at the Bean. Email the answer to: ebear@zianet.com (Eric Bear Albrecht)

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