This is a summary of commands for the "vi" editor.

Cursor Motion

                    back            forward
letter              ^H, h           <space>
word end                            E, e
word beginning       B, b           W, w
sentence             (              )
paragraph            {              }
section              [[             ]]
line ends            0              $
  1st char           -              +
  same column       ^P             ^N, <linefeed>
  specified line    <line#>G       <line#>G
1/2 screenful jump  ^U             ^D
screenful jump      ^B             ^F


u      undo last change           
U      restore current line
"#p    retrieve #th last delete
<esc>  abandon incomplete command
:q!    (drastic) quit without save


i      before cursor
I      before first nonblank
a      after cursor
A      after line
o      open line below
O      open line above
p      paste last cut
<esc>  terminates insert


<newword>  change word
C            substitute line
J	     join lines
s<char>      substitute char
S            substitute lines
r<char>      replace char
R            replace chars (overstrike)
xp           transpose chars (cut paste)
<esc>        terminates change


x     char under cursor
X     char before cursor
dw    word
de    delete word but leave punctuation
dd    line
#dd   # lines
D     rest of line

Delete during Insert

^H    last char
^W    last word
@     all input this line

Numbers etc.

. (period)  repeat last action
3.          repeat it 3 times
3dd         delete 3 lines
d3w or 3dw  delete 3 words
3rx         replace next 3 chars with x

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