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Construction Photo's 2


f3_f4.jpg (42133 bytes) fuseframe.jpg (44642 bytes) rudder.jpg (38193 bytes) rud_bcrnk.jpg (54072 bytes)
F3 &  F4 without ply. Fuselage side Rudder Rudder bellcrank & lower bushing
rud_pto.jpg (39702 bytes) cpit_rud.jpg (56317 bytes) cpit_jig.jpg (50869 bytes) pto.jpg (53853 bytes)
Rudder area showing static air source Cockpit showing rudder pedals Cockpit with F3/F4 Jig in the background Static air source
stabspar1.jpg (50668 bytes) fwall_aft.jpg (68162 bytes) stabclmp.jpg (44332 bytes) stabblk.jpg (41354 bytes)
Stabilator spar test fit Front view of stabilator spar test fit Stabilator spar in the clamps Fitting the Birch spar block