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stabfit.jpg (44605 bytes) stabbuild.jpg (67938 bytes) stabcls.jpg (62904 bytes) stabopen.jpg (52675 bytes)
Dry fitting the Stab parts Gluing (T-88) the Stab together Fitting Stab to Fuselage Lower half of "D" section varnished
stabblts.jpg (57104 bytes) stab_d.jpg (53558 bytes) stabblsa.jpg (45935 bytes) stabhng.jpg (62988 bytes)
Stabilator eyebolts "D" section closed in Balsa passage for anti-servo rod Nut plates for anti-servo tab hinge
tailfthrs.jpg (34922 bytes) tailglo.jpg (47033 bytes) ip_fwall.jpg (48583 bytes) ip_rear.jpg (47610 bytes)
Stabilator covered Front view with tail feathers Instrument panel Another view of instrument panel