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Other sources of information on using a SCSI DAT for audio

Firmware to update your DAT drive with audio capabilities!

bulletArchive Python Audio Firmware.
bulletSony SDT9000 Audio Firmware This person has obviously copied a lot of text verbatim from my site.

The question of how to use a SCSI DAT for audio has been discussed many times on various mailing lists and news groups.

bulletThe DAT-heads Yahoo! Group (No longer there. Here is the FAQ).
bulletThe DAT-heads mailing list.
bulletThe newsgroup (via Google Groups).

Some commercial, shareware or freeware programs:

bulletA Windows port of DATlib and a DAT-to-WAV program
bulletA Macintosh program called DATXtract
bulletA Linux program called read_dat by Andrew Taylor.
bulletMarty Gulaian has sent me a new and improved version of my original program. Here is the source code and the executable. I have included Marty's program notes in both Zip files.
bulletAn anonymous programmer contributed this C++ source code for reading audio DATs and CDROMS. He tells me that my VB code and the CDEX program were his inspiration.
bulletEduard Ungemach of Germany has released a Win32 program called VDAT.
bulletA commercial Macintosh product called DAT Studio from a company in England.
(It looks like this product is no longer available.)
bulletAndrew Longhorn of Australia is working on a Mac program called DAT Audio.
bulletA DOS program by Computall Services of Canada called DAT2WAV that reads audio from a tape and dumps it to a WAV file.
bulletSome routines written in C for Solaris, called DATlib. (The link seems to be broken.)
Here is another source:
bulletSGI DAT Goodies (9KB) from Computall Services lets you look at the header of a Wave file.

Additional information that is good to know:

bulletA very nice guide ASPI programming in Win32 covering C++, Assember and Visual Basic.
bulletChapter 9 of the SGI Digital Audio and MIDI Programming manual. (The link seems to be broken.)
bulletThe SGI  IRIX 6.5 man page describing their DAT Audio Library. (The link seems to be broken.)
bulletThe SGI  IRIX 6.5 man page describing a DAT audio frame. (The link seems to be broken.)
bulletThe main SGI IRIX 6.5 man page. (The link seems to be broken.)
All of the DAT information is listed under the Subroutines (3) section.
bulletA copy of the final draft specification for SCSI-2 in PDF format from T10.
Chapters 7,8 & 10 are the most useful for programming purposes.
bulletAdaptec's ASPI SDK, FAQs and Technical Reference. (The link seems to be broken.)
See the VisualBasic Source Code page for a local copy of the ASPI SDK.)
bulletAde Rixon has a good information page called: Using Audio DATs in DDS drives (The link seems to be broken.)
bulletComputall Services has a very nice DAT FAQ.
bulletA nice overview of how audio DATs work from The Cassette House.
bulletA patent by Archive Corporation.
bulletThe document that defines the standard for audio DAT is The DAT Conference Standard.
bulletThe Audio File Format FAQ (describes WAV files, among others).

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