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What's New

01 Feb 2010
I was informed about the new Yahoo! Group datheads2wav.
16 Apr 2009
I stumbled across a Windows port of DATlib and a DAT-to-wav program.
26 Feb 2008
Felix Rost of Berlin emailed me about a new Macintosh program for extracting audio.
27 Apr 2007
Removed Google AdWords. The experiment failed.
13 Nov 2005
Minor editing of some text. Added a graphic for my email address.
18 Mar 2003
Arzeno Fabrice emailed me a link to his page, which contains audio-capable firmware for the Sony SDT9000 drive. It seems that interest in audio-capable DAT drives is alive and well. Good find, Arzeno.
29 Aug 2002
I stumbled across this Linux program.
Added a note about my source code. Thanks again, Marty.
It seems that DAT Studio is no longer available.
28 Aug 2002
A new and improved version of my original program is available. Thanks, Marty.
23 Feb 2002
Audio firmware is now available! Found a good intro to ASPI programming. A new ASPI layer, version 4.70 has been released (see the included ASPI32 programming guide).
17 Dec 2001
Added a little pizzaz to the old, boring web pages. Fixed a few broken links.
12 Jul 2001
Minor update to the Links page. It's "Google Groups" now. "Deja.com" is long gone.
30 Jun 2001
Some C++ source code was added to the Links page.
12 Nov 2000
Added a local copy of the Adaptec ASPI SDK, since I can't find it on Adaptec's site any more.
Made minor editing changes to clarify some points.
11 Jul 2000
Eduard Ungemach has released a Win32 program!!!
7 May 2000
More news from Max - In early 1997, Seagate sold the drive with audio firmware 5.63 (CTD8000-SSP or Con4326NP/A, Part-Number 710002-011) to everyone. You may find this information useful if you are trying to get support from Seagate for your audio-capable drive.
5 May 2000
Max from Germany tells me that in the past, he had bought a 4326 drive with non-audio firmware, sent it to Seagate (I presume in Germany) and they flashed it with audio firmware for him. He also tells me that Seagate has been known to send out audio firmware upgrades to customers with audio-capable drives. See more info from Max on the Background page.
26 Apr 2000
Added new links to Computall Services new DAT2WAV and DAT FAQ pages.
Added new link to Ade Rixon's informative web page.
20 Mar 2000
Eduard Ungemach is writing a Win32 program (see Links page).
22 Jan 2000
Posted this information to the web for the first time.

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