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Carter Catchcart
Carter Cathcart, Lyn's son, is also a musician. He has recently produced two new CDs of his own! Be sure to visit his web sites!
A fascinating site for twins (as well as triplets, quadruplets...), as well as families and friends of same. Twins Lisa and Debbie have a restaurant staffed by twins, a talent agency exclusively for twins, and other interesting resources pertaining to twins. Lyn and Lee are listed on their links page under "Twins in Entertainment". Don't miss it!
Another very nice site for twins and multiples with Twinformation, Twintalk, Twinstore and much, much more! Lyn and Lee are listed in their Twinformation section under A Twinstuff.Com Movie Guide. Don't miss it!
Class Act: Those Golden Movie Musicals
You'll find more information about the films Lyn and Lee were in on this web site dedicated to movie musicals from the Golden Era of Hollywood.

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