Odds 'n' Ends
Radio Show on cassette tape
Lyn and Lee appeared on Orson Welles' Almanac radio show on May 24, 1944. Also on the program were Lois Collier and The All-Star Jazz Group. You can buy a copy of this program on casette tape from Jerry Haendiges Vintage Radio, right here on the web! There is a newspaper article about the show right here on the Wilde Twins web site!
Reunion CD
In 1990, Lyn and Lee were re-united to record a compact disc. The CD was produced by Carter Cathcart, Lyn's son, and the music was arranged by Carter Cathcart and Jack Cathcart. Two new songs, "Back Together Once Again" and "I Was Just About to Say That Too" were penned by Jack and Carter.

The song lineup: Back Together Once Again, Seems Like Old Times, The Best Is Yet to Come, Simple Melody, Canadian Sunset, Mr. Sandman, Sentimental Journey, I Was Just About to Say That Too, Together, Smile, Side By Side, Maggie Blues, Sisters, Hard Hearted Hannah.

The CD is wonderful! With Lee's permission, I've selected one song as a sample, which you can download and listen to (mp3 format). I'll change the file once in a while so you can hear some of the other songs.

I Was Just About to Say That Too
Carter Cathcart CDs
Carter Cathcart, composer/producer/musician (Lyn's son), has recently released two new compact discs: "I Do" and "Do It Again/Fave Beach Boys tunes by Carter Cathcart". Read more about Carter and his work on other web sites by clicking on the links above.
Contacting Lee
If you'd like to send a message to Lee, or ask her a question, you can either sign the Wilde Twins Guest Book, or email your messge to Jim Johnson and I will forward it to Lee. Thank you for visiting the Wilde Twins web site!


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