Newspaper Article  

from the newspaper of the Air Service Command Training Center, Fresno, California
Wednesday May 24, 1944 (Lyn on left, Lee on right)

courtesy of Lee Wilde Cathcart
Caption reads:

The lovely Wilde twins, Lee and Lyn, will be on hand tonight to help Orson Welles with his dedicatory broadcast from the Amphitheater. Both are petite, blond. One is married, but which?

Column reads:

Orson Welles brings his star-studded radio show to the Training Center tonight for a special dedicatory program at the recently redecorated amphitheater.

The cast for the show will include the blonde Wilde twins of movieland, comedian Keenan Wynn of "See Here Private Hargrove" fame and pin-up girl Lois Collier.

There will be an hour and a half of entertainment or three complete half hour shows. At 9 P.M. the cast will give a "warm-up" program. From 9:30 to 10 P.M. a different show will be broadcast over CBS. The program will be concluded with the presentation of the famous Welles Mercury Wonder show, starting at 10 P.M.

Everyone is invited to attend the network airing, but civilians must be accompanied by either ASCTC officers or enlisted men to gain admission to the 90 minutes of entertainment.

Known far and wide for his acting, writing, directing and producing, Orson Welles will be augmented in his half-hour comedy show by such persons as Mercury Theatre actress Agnes Moorehead, Hans Conried, John McIntyre, and the CBS staff orchestra under the direction of Lud Cluskin.

The Wilde twins, Lee and Lyn, were last seen at the Post Theatre in the Mickey Rooney picture, "Andy Hardy Meets Blonde Trouble" [sic] in which they played the roles of two sisters who didn't want to be separated and used Mickey Rooney as their safety measure. As former vocalists for the Bob Crosby Dixieland Band, the twins are popular singers as well as actresses. One of them (could be Lee, could be Lyn) is married to an Air Force sergeant stationed at Santa Ana, Calif.

Says Lee:

"As usual, they haven't identifyed us correctly, I (Lee) am on the right as you look at the picture. And, oh yes, Lyn was married at the time to Jim Cathcart, who was a sergeant in the Air Force Band at Santa Ana. I married Tom C. later. He was a 1st Lt. in the Air Force."


The broadcast is available on audio cassette (click here for details)!

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