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2 meter KW amplifier
Eimac 4CX1000A
Construction date: 1995.

• The entire amplifier is contained in one box, except
for the HV supply. Even the blower is inside the box.
• The heater runs on regulated DC, with automatic
warm-up and cool-down timers.
• Complete metering of all parameters— without
meter switches— including plate current and voltage,
without inconvenient metering connections (such
as for B– metering) to the HV supply.
• Regulated grid-bias and screen voltage supplies,
fully adjustable over a wide range; this
allows adjustment for different tubes and conditions.
• Maintenance of regulation with line voltages down
to 98 VAC and without overheating up to 130 VAC.
• Heater, bias, screen and ALC adjustments; all on
the front panel.
• Full protection circuits. An overload condition puts
the amp on standby, lights a flashing red panel lamp,
and connects the transceiver to the antenna.
• Plate tuning, swinging link, and load controls on the
front panel. Grid input tuning and matching controls
on the front panel. No inconvenient top, bottom,
side, rear, or internal tuning adjustments.
• An internal regulated relay power supply and
sequencing circuit, to drive coax relays that can
either be attached to the rear panel RF output jack
or mast-mounted.
• Input 10 watts; output 1500 watts.

Full description:
QEX, May, 1996, 3-12.
QEX, November, 1996, 13-20.
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