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6 meter kW amplifier.
Construction date: 1961.

Brief description:

RF Deck. 14 inch rack panel.
Input circuit. Push-pull, split-stator tuning capacitor, lower dial.
Input matching with series link capacitor at lower right.
Output circuit. Push-pull, split-stator tuning capacitor, upper dial.
Output load control with geared swinging link and series link capacitor at upper left.
Filaments. Voltage adjustment at lower left.

Meter and control panel. 7 inch rack panel.
Screen voltage. 810 volts, VR tubes, dropping resistor from HV.
Cool-down circuit:  "Amplifier Cool-Down Circuits," QST, March, 1989, 35-36.

Input for full output: 8 watts.
Output: 1200 watts, using the original 1961 Eimac tubes.

Full description; in preparation.

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