K5AM Homebrew Station

photo: K5AM homebrew station
The homebrew transceiver (the main 40 MHz IF section) sits between the two laptops. The level with 3.5 inch panels holds, left to right, the 6 meter transverter, the 2 meter transverter, and the computer interface. The level with the 7 inch panels holds, left to right, a 100 watt 6 meter amplifier, a 200 watt 2 meter amplifier, and the 150 watt HF front-end section of the transceiver. Not shown in this camera shot is a small 50 MHz amplifier, built while in high-school in 1951, and still in constant use today.
      To the right is the 6 foot rack with kW amplifiers for 6M (1961, large dials, two large meters), HF (1971, three counter dials, four small meters), and 2M (1995, five square meters).

[photo: k5am amplifier rack]

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photo: Mark, K5AM

Mark Mandelkern, K5AM, was first licensed in 1948 as W9ECV in Wisconsin. Mark's main ham operating activity is 6 meter DX, with 138 countries worked. He also enjoys HF DXing and contesting, with DXCC confirmed on 10 bands and a number of top-ten contest awards. Mandelkern is professor of mathematics emeritus at New Mexico State University.