Fall 2018 – Referee Schedule for MVSL Matches
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Referee Agreement for all MVSL Matches (docx form)
Conflict Sheet for all MVSL Matches (docx form)
 Referee List
If a referee finds they cannot do a match after being scheduled, find a replacement and notify me of the change.  If you cannot find a replacement, notify me. 
Bill Lindemann, 525-2097, wlindemann2097@msn.com.  If I am at the field, I may have my cell phone at 639-1145.
Missed matches will result in a $10 fine as assessed by MVSL; late reports after 48 hours will be fined $5 and $1 each additional day it is
late.  The MVSL Assignor will recommend who should not be assigned because of violations of USSF rules and regulations as a player/referee, especially with 
respect to the ethics clause in the USSF Administrative Handbook.  For example, receiving a caution for dissent, swearing at a referee, etc. are clear violations of 
the ethics clause.  This assessment may be appealed to the MVSL Board in writing.  In addition, repeated and severe violations will result in forwarding game 
reports and other documents to the New Mexico State Soccer Association and the New Mexico Soccer Referee Association
Up until 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, the referee will do 45 minute halves (for Men’s and Women’s Open).  At 10 minutes after the scheduled 
start time, the game is forfeited.  No shortening of halves and doing the match – WALK AWAY.  Matches can be shortened for other reasons if both teams 
agree.  Match length may not be reduced due to tardiness or lack of preparation on the part of any member of the referee team.
Dates in red are canceled.
Men & Women Men  Women  Co-ed
Open Over 30 Over 30 Vintage