Romans 12:11


Almost all translations read --- "Serving the Lord." A few varying renderings are:


The Greek word kurios appears some 749 times in the pages of the NT writings, and it means "lord, master." There are a few western MSS which have replaced this word with the Greek word kairos which means "a fitting time, opportunity." Thus, some marginal readings will have "serving the opportunity." William Barclay (p. 178-79), and several others (John Calvin, Martin Luther), feel this to be the correct reading, but most reject it.

The Greek word douleuo appears 25 times and refers to "serving; the discharging of the duties of a slave or servant." "It expresses the serving which people exercise toward ruling powers" (Expos. Dict., p. 350). "To yield to, give one's self up to; to obey one's commands and render to him the services due" (Thayer, p. 157).


Matthew 6:24 Luke 16:13 Acts 20:19 Romans 7:6; 14:18; 16:18 Ephesians 6:7 Colossians 3:24


"Be constant in serving the Lord, never intermit it for an instant." To be "wholly, continuously, subject to the will of another" (Lard, p. 390).

"The Greek idea is that of working as a slave whose entire work is directed by his master's will ..... the point of importance is this taking of all orders from the master and never oneself acting as master ..... they heed and obey and do the will of the Master alone" (Lenski, p. 769).

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