Romans 12:9-21
An In-Depth Textual Study

The Essence of Authentic Christianity:
27 Practical Steps to Becoming
Grace Affirming Saints

Following is an in-depth textual study
which was presented in an adult Bible class
by Al Maxey

The renowned Protestant reformer John Calvin (1509-1564), in commenting upon this passage, stated that Paul has here presented us with a series of "short precepts, unconnected, though suited to the formation of a holy life" (Calvin, p. 468). This is a very practical text in that these steps, if implemented in our daily lives, will lead us to become more grace affirming in our interrelationships.

Unfeigned Love

Abhorrence of Evil

Holding to the Good

Devoted to Brotherly Love

Giving Preference in Honor

Not Lagging in Diligence

Fervent in Spirit

Serving the Lord

Rejoicing in Hope

Persevering in Tribulation

Devoted to Prayer

Sharing with Needy Saints

Practicing Hospitality

Bless and Curse Not

Rejoice with those who Rejoice

Weep with those who Weep

Be of the Same Mind

Be not Haughty in Mind

Associate with the Lowly

Be not Conceited

Recompense not Evil for Evil

Take Thought for things Honorable

Live Peaceably with All

Take not your own Revenge

Minister to your Enemies

Be not Overcome by Evil

Overcome Evil with Good


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