Maxey - Broking Discussion
A Critical Review and Defense of
Down, But Not Out

Friday, April 7, 2000

Comments by Darrell Broking
About the Introduction to Maxey's Book

Both Al Maxey and I agree that there is a real problem in our world with regard to the escalating number of broken marriages. However, we disagree about the standard men are to follow on the subject of marriage, divorce and remarriage. In the introduction to "DOWN, BUT NOT OUT," Al stresses the "IDEAL" for marriage. This is where our disagreement begins. Maxey falls short of identifying God's "IDEAL" as the standard to which conformity must be made. This is the major difference between the teaching of Al Maxey and that of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ taught that marriage is binding for life. The only exception to this law is stated in Matthew 19:9. The innocent party in marriage may put away the party guilty of fornication, and marry another with the Lord's authority. No other reason for divorce and remarriage is given in the New Testament. Al's concept of the "IDEAL" for marriage is much weaker than the "IDEAL" for marriage presented by Jesus Christ.

Other Introductory Remarks

Maxey goes to great lengths attempting to convince his readership that Jesus never actually gave men a binding standard which regulates remarriage by limiting it to widows and widowers, and to innocent persons who have put away a spouse guilty of fornication. A standard which classifies those in unscriptural marriages as living in sin, and demands "adulterers" to stop committing the act of adultery. In fact, as will be discussed later, Maxey assumes that the standard definition of adultery is all wrong. In this discussion, I will examine each chapter of Maxey's book and comment on some of Al's statements which are out of harmony with the Bible. This is not to imply that Darrell Broking is the authority in regard to marriage, divorce and remarriage. Jesus Christ is the authority on every subject relating to the Bible. By pointing out what Jesus taught on marriage, divorce and remarriage, my goal is to be like a fruit inspector, inspecting Maxey's fruit by the Master inspector's guide book. I do not expect to convert Al Maxey to the truth and I doubt that Al expects to move me from the doctrine upon which I stand. It is hoped that this endeavor will help others wade through the arguments on both sides of the issue of marriage, divorce and remarriage, and logically choose to stand with Jesus.

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