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Down, But Not Out

Thursday, November 2, 2000

A Response to Broking's Post
A Challenge To Remain Focused
By Al Maxey

Darrell titled his latest post "Still Focusing on Matthew 19:6 and Related Material," and then proceeded to focus almost entirely upon I Corinthians 7. I find it amazing that Darrell thinks it is I who need to be corralled, and yet it is he who is leaping from pasture to pasture. It's absolutely dizzying!!

Darrell wrote, "Please notice that as this section of the debate began to unfold that Al would not deal with my comments on I Corinthians 7:10-11." He's right. I didn't deal with them. Nor will I deal with them now. We have been over this several times before, Darrell. There is a logical progression which needs to be followed here, as you yourself have stated previously (and I have quoted you several times to try and keep you focused). It is futile to attempt an exegesis of the teaching of Paul without first exegeting the teaching of Jesus Christ. I will not get into detailed analysis of the former until we have concluded our analysis of the latter. I have told you this before, and you yourself have insisted upon the same!!

You whined and moaned for months because you couldn't wait to get to what JESUS had to say about this matter. Now that we are here, I can't seem to get you to stay focused on the teaching of Jesus. Instead, you want to rush ahead to the teaching of Paul. I feel like a farmer chasing a greased pig.

I have posted some serious challenges to your views with regard to the so-called "exception clause," the significance of the Present Indicative in Matthew 19:9, the meaning and interpretation of Porneia and Moicheia, and other matters. You continue to side-step these challenges, and instead seek to divert the discussion. You even closed your post by saying, "I am not a prophet or a son of a prophet. But I predict that if you do not already hold Fudge's and Smith's error denying the eternal fires of hell, that you soon will!" What in the world was THAT all about?!!! And what does that have to do with our discussion of MDR?! Nice try at a diversion, Darrell, but I'm not biting. Let's stick to the subject at hand, and let's take this in a logical progression. There are matters pertaining to the teaching of Jesus Christ in Matthew 19:9 on the table. Let's deal with these first. You couldn't wait to get here, and now that we are here you can't seem to wait to leave. Go figure!!!

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