Maxey - Broking Discussion
A Critical Review and Defense of
Down, But Not Out

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Withdrawal and Concluding Remarks
By Darrell Broking

The issue of Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage has been covered in this discussion. Neither Al Maxey's book, nor his exegesis and eisegesis, have proven his case. At this point any further discussion is pointless. In my opinion enough material has been presented to prove the charge which began this discussion. Like Al, I too have received a good bit of e-mail from brethren who have thanked me for standing against Al. Unlike Al, I did not use that e-mail to say "I am right and you are wrong." I just used the Bible. Al Maxey is a false teacher, and in many areas, as I have shown from the Bible during this discussion, Al Maxey has gone onward beyond the doctrine of Christ.

For sometime now I have been working on some material, in the way of offering Bible answers to what erring brethren like Al Maxey, Rubel Shelly, Randy Moody and others have been presenting on the subject of Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage. This material will be available in hard copy at the 2001 Greater Murfreesboro Lectureship in November, where I have been assigned the subject of Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage. After the lectureship any interested person may receive hard copies of this material by contacting me.

In Him,

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