Maxey - Broking Discussion
A Critical Review and Defense of
Down, But Not Out

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

A Response to Broking's
Withdrawal and Concluding Remarks
By Al Maxey

Brother Darrell, I want to thank you for taking the time to engage me in this discussion of marriage, divorce and remarriage. I believe you are an honest and good man, and a devoted disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is obvious you have a zeal for the Word. The Lord's church could truly benefit from more men like that.

It goes without saying that we differ on a number of issues, however I regard you as a brother in Christ with whom I simply differ on some matters of critical importance. Nevertheless, I believe you have a zeal which is not based on a true understanding of God's Word in some vital areas (Romans 10:2). You have also attempted to exegete the Greek in several passages of Scripture, and have demonstrated a woeful lack of competence and insight into those things about which you confidently speak. Not only have you failed in your attempt to demonstrate my teaching to be false, but you have succeeded in demonstrating the many flaws and absurdities of your own theories. Frankly, in the words of one of our readers, you have done more in your posts to defeat your own doctrine than anything I myself have written in response!

To be perfectly honest, Darrell, I am amazed you continued with this discussion as long as you did. It was obvious to most of the readers that your doctrine was effectively destroyed in this exchange quite some time ago. I felt pretty certain that after my last post yesterday, in which I exposed some of the ludicrous falsehoods of your theology and the incompetency of your "reasoning," that you had no leg left to stand upon. Your quick departure this morning simply confirms that.

Darrell, in closing, I sincerely pray that you will come to a knowledge of the Truth one day. Your false teaching with regard to MDR is going to heap a lot of misery upon people who are already suffering, and your harsh judgmentalism of those who differ with you will continue to bring dissension and division in its wake. Your doctrine and demeanor is dangerous, and it is going to cost people their souls. You will be in my prayers, Darrell, and so will all those to whom you will be presenting your false teaching. It is my prayer they will see through the fallacies of your doctrine to the beauty of God's Truth.

May the Lord guide you into the light of genuine understanding, and may He protect those to whom you speak until that day arrives.

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