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Fishing Report for the Lease

date = 01.12.04                    location = Lease                       other =

reporter = Terry Dean         email =        fishermen = Quintin Dean, Katelyn Dean

water_temp = 50                 water_vol = Moderately Low       water_clarity = Murky

air_temp = 60-68                weather = Storm moved in the the afternoon               hatches = No visable hatch


We fished for my daughter’s science project.  Her hypothesis was that we would catch more fish on a mayfly emerger than any other fly.  The rationale for the hypothesis was that the emerger was rising in the water column and more readily available for the feeding fish (reasonable thought).   We fished all morning in the lower section with a mayfly emerger and a pheasant tail or hare's ear as a dropper.  I was under extreme pressure to provide data for the science project (my reputation and hero status to my daughter was in jeopardy).   At noon we had not caught a fish.  We fished and came upon a hole that was crying for a wooly bugger.  At 12:30, I rigged an olive wooly bugger and on the third cast into this hole I caught a 12" rainbow.  This was the only fish we caught on the lower section.

After lunch we move to the upper section and started fishing the willows from the bridge to the upper boundary.  I rigged with a mayfly emerger with a bead head prince nymph as a dropper.  We started catching fish. Between 1:30 and 3:30 we caught 11 ranging from 8" to 12" (at least we had data).  We caught 8 of the 11 on the prince nymph.

The final count: Katelyn (daughter) – 2, Quintin (son) – 1, me – 8.

You’ll love this; Katelyn’s conclusion on her hypothesis was that the weather caused the mayflies not to hatch as usual.  She has potential – she is already blaming the weather for lack of success.  I have trained her well…..

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