Mesilla Valley Flyfishers, Inc.

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Lease  5/21/04

Hi All,

I fished the lease yesterday and there's two big changes you should be aware of due to a recent evident high water flow:

1) the lower irrigation diversion has blown out again.  Right now there's an excellent elbow pool and all the water is going down the main stem again so the waterfall and lower run look great.  My only worry is what will happen if they come up to "restore" the diversion,  They are going to have to push one heck of a lot of earth to get it flowing out again.

2) there was a flow of gravel down the arroyo that has once again built up a "dam" that is reforming the upper slough.  It's not as deep as before, but there's a good amount of water pooling there.  Walking up along the edge of the ridge I spotted a really nice fish cruising, but he had his sensory warning on high and spooked before I could even start walking down.

Had a great day there!

Jeff Arterburn

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