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Fishing Report for the White Mtns., AZ  5/25-30/03

date = 25-30 MAY       location = Other      other = white mnts az

reporter = r. michael charske        email =          fishermen = none

water_temp = spring cold        water_vol = Moderately High        water_clarity = Clear

air_temp = 40's - 70's       weather = windy/partly cludy

hatches = pmd's (morn eve)       hendrickson (spinner) eve        blue wing olives (sparse)
details = hatches as listed above are for the little colorado river above greer, az

any lightly dressed size 16 dry in greys or gingers caught fish (and of course para adams)
midday... size 16-18 pheasant tails nymphs (drooped from a large goofus bug)
the goofus got some flashes as well (no fish taken on it tho)

reason for this reprt is that speculation concerns of game and fish regarding severe drought/winter kill had occured during the 2002/2003 season

found many hold over apache trout in the 8-12 in size
(these fish are stocked but numbers/coloration/condition led me to believe many had 'weathered' extremely difficult previous season)

also brookies to 12 inches (unstocked)

browns (unstocked but spawned) to 12 inches as well

even a 14 incher (huge trophy by this waters standards)

split cane for 2 weight rod makes this little river a joy

lee valley lake had not faired as well

conversations with game and fish were confirmed as i spent an entire (perfect conditions day) lookinng for arctic grayling (normally excellent fishing this time of year) and never saw one or felt one

wildlife officials report (shock method search/tests)

the lake had up to a 90% winter kill 2002/2003

big lake

years since i fished it (hate the crowds)

but took the float tube and had an incredible 2 evenings on the water

numerous midges chronomids

oddly normal patterns (gnats/surface chironomids) brought no fish to the tube

size 16 prince on a floating line did the trick and 18-20 rainbow hybrids took the imitations as tho it was the only meal they had seen in months (all ice off apparently 7 may)

sorry i don't talk numbers of fish but suffice it to say all i wanted

best drifts to all


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