Mesilla Valley Flyfishers, Inc.

Las Cruces, New Mexico
A Federation of Fly Fishers Club

Fishing Report for the Runyon Lease

date = 5/11/06                          location = Lease                              other =

reporter = randy mcferrin          email =             fishermen =

water_temp =                            water_vol = Low                              water_clarity = Clear

air_temp = 80                           weather = mostly sunny with some afternoon cloud cover

hatches = 9:00 I think they were tricos

details = The water was low, but very clear. The lower portion of the river from the diversion dam downstream is bone dry. I fished between the lower and upper bridges.

I caught ten fish. All rainbows in the 10-16 inch range. Caught two nice 16 inch fish.

Around 9:00 the fish were cruising and eating dead tricos on the top of the water. Caught the nice 16 inch on trico spinner. After 11:00 the fish went down deep in the pools. Caught the rest on yellow wooly bugger and bead head prince nymph.

All in all, it was a good day. I probably saw around thirty fish cruising the river.

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